Brighton & Hove Food and Fuel Fund

The increasing cost of living is hurting here in Brighton & Hove. Food and energy bills are going up and it’s pushing more people into poverty, especially the most vulnerable in our community.

There are many cost of living pressures but the most serious price increase is energy at 54%. We expect another increase in October of 20%.

59% of all households believe that they will have to cut back on food to pay utility bills this year. Over 11% of households in our region are already in food poverty. (The Food Foundation, 2022 report). 

Households most likely to be in poverty include where someone in the home is disabled and they have to keep electricity on for equipment like hoists, nebulisers and fridges for medication. 

We want to do something to support households in the city so that people don’t have to choose between heating and eating.

That’s why Citizens Advice and Brighton & Hove Food Partnership have teamed up and, with support from Brighton & Hove City Council have launched the Brighton Hove Food and Fuel Fund. 

Your help can make a difference

We know it’s tough for most of us right now. If you are able to donate to the fund we’ll make sure that the money goes to helping vulnerable people in our city through food vouchers and money for energy bills.

Help those in need now by following this link and donating only what you can afford to:

How the Food and Fuel scheme works

The donations will be split: 60% will go to provide help with fuel poverty and 40% will pay for emergency food. We will keep this under review in case we need to direct more funding to fuel or food based on need.

The fund will pay for help with energy bills and it will pay for food parcels or food vouchers. It may be used to purchase equipment that helps with food and fuel poverty such as slow cookers, microwaves or electric blankets. 

The funds will be used to support existing food and fuel schemes locally. Whilst there are costs for making financial transactions, and direct costs with buying some vouchers, no overheads or salaries will be paid for out this fund so all donations will directly help people who need it.

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