Healthy Start Vouchers - for pregnant people and carers of children up to 4 years

During the cost of living crisis we are raising awareness of schemes that can help people manage.  Here we highlight the NHS Health Start Voucher scheme.

What are Healthy Start Vouchers?

Help to buy food and milk


The Healthy Start Scheme supports people from the 10th week of pregnancy until a child is 4 years old.

It provides free vitamins and healthy foods to support the child and parent or carer’s health. 

Who can get NHS Healthy Start vouchers:

  • Pregnant people once they are 10 weeks pregnant and people who care for children under 4 years can claim
  • If the person claiming is over 18  they need to be claiming benefits
  • If the person claiming is under 18  they can get Healthy Start vouchers whether or not they get benefits. Either way they can get vouchers.
 A person’s immigration status is relevant as well:
  • If the person applying is not a British Citizen then they need to have at least 1 child under the age of 4 who is a British citizen.
  • They also need to earn less than £408 per month (after tax) and they cannot claim benefits because of their immigration status
How to apply:

You can apply by email or phone:



           Call: 0300 330 7010

Calls are charged at local rates, many contracts include free minutes for these calls.

Phone lines are open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays).

You can also get the application form from a GP or midwife.

What do the vouchers cover?

  • The vouchers can be used for milk, for fruit or veg (fresh or frozen or tinned) and infant formula milk based on cow’s milk
  • They can also be used to receive free vitamins
You get a prepaid card that can be used in most supermarkets, pharmacies, newsagents and petrol stations.
The vitamins are usually supplied by NHS clinics or health centres but other arrangements can be made through a midwife or health visitor depending on what is available locally.
How much are the vouchers worth? 
  • From the 10th week of pregnancy up until birth people receive £4.25 a week
  • When the baby is born, until the age of 1, people  receive £8.50 a week
  • When the child is between the ages of 1 and 4 people receive £4.25 a week 

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