Energyworks Referral Form

We aim to contact clients within 10 working days to offer an energy advice appointment. Eligibility for our grant will be assessed as part of advice.

All emails sent from this form are secure and encrypted.

If you tell us about your ethnicity, sexuality, health, trade union membership or religion, that is known as sensitive, ‘special category’ information. Please only share this with us if you are okay with us storing it. If you share this ‘special category’ information we will record you as having consented for us to store it.

If you would like us to email you advice it’s important that you are confident no one else can access your email account. We suggest you don’t use a work account because other people may have access to this information, also it’s important to remember that emails may not be encrypted and can be intercepted so do not ask us to email you advice if you want to maintain strict online security and confidentiality – a telephone call is more secure than email.

In order to help you with your enquiry we need to store information about you. As a requirement of the Data Protection Act 2018 we need your consent to do this.

All information you give to us is strictly confidential.

We will never discuss your enquiry with anyone unless you give us express permission to do so, or if we are compelled to do so by law.

Please see our privacy policy for full details of this.

If you do not give your consent to store information then please do not share your information with us through this form.