Online Enquiry

Our online form below allows you to request a call back or email from one of our Volunteer Advisers.

  • An adviser will be in touch within 3-5 working days (not including the weekend)
  • Please note we will call from a withheld number
  • Please tell us if it is okay to leave a voicemail for you. We can’t leave a voicemail if you have not told us it is okay
  • If you are contacting us about another person’s issue, we might suggest they contact us directly, or you complete a consent form, or we provide general information only.

Before you share your information with us, it’s important you know what happens with this information and that you agree with it. Please read the information below, and see our privacy policy for more details. 

If you tell us about your ethnicity, sexuality, health, trade union membership or religion, that is known as sensitive, ‘special category’ information. Please only share this with us if you are okay with us storing it. If you share this ‘special category’ information we will record you as having consented for us to store it.

If you would like us to email you advice it’s important that you are confident no one else can access your email account. We suggest you don’t use a work account because other people may have access to this information.

It’s important to remember that emails may not be encrypted and can be intercepted so do not ask us to email you advice if you want to maintain strict online security and confidentiality – a telephone call is more secure than email.

By clicking to the next page you are consenting to share your information with Citizens Advice Brighton & Hove for the purpose of providing advice on your enquiry.

Online enquiries are now on hold and we are aiming to open them as soon as we can. Please visit us again in a few days.

Sometimes we experience very high demand on our service and we need to close online enquiries for a short time.

We have received lots of enquiries now and our Volunteer Advisers are responding to them.

If you need advice more quickly, please call our freephone advice line on 08082 78 78 15 during daytime opening hours.

Thank you.